9/23-24/06 - My First Visit to


Playing Elmo's Piano at Elmo's World

Hi, Elmo

What's Up, Big Bird

Me, Zoe and Daddy

My First Amusement Park Ride

With Daddy and Grandma ("Dolly")

With Mommy and Daddy

With Daddy on the Flying Fish

With Characters at the Dinner & Breakfast

Elmo AND Big Bird Together!

Cookie Monster


Doing a Duet with the Count


And the Rest of the Gang

At the Parade and the Count's Show

Cookie and "Cool" Bert & Ernie

Big Bird & the Count

The Count

Everybody's in the Show!

On Sesame Street and in the Park

With Grandma and Papa

With Bert & Ernie

With Daddy & the Count

With Baby Bear and Oscar the Grouch

Boy did I have a GOOD TIME!!!!

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